Why didn’t we, Lebanese, react like the French people?

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  • Same shock
  • Same horror
  • Same pain
  • Same loss
  • Same scenario
  • Same assassins
  • Same date
  • Same feeling of frustration to react and seek immediate retaliation


  • Many of us lack the basic sense of civism and patriotism
  • We are used to react by “region”. The Gharbieyeh/Shar2iyeh (West & Eastern regions) syndrome is still embedded in our thoughts even if we are ashamed to admit it.
  • We don’t function or think as a nation
  • We have a ghost government, a non-existent president
  • We elected Corrupt leaders mostly
  • Garbage fights and worries precede in our day-to-day lives
  • We have got for too long too many money problems and worries
  • Our Survival problems are preeminent
  • We are affected by a fatalistic acceptance of every new catastrophe hitting us
  • We have become a nation of Cynics. We don’t believe in any positive change, only in worse tragedies to come.
  • We’re the depressive result of too many years of sterile and empty promises
  • We are used to being the victims of our corrupt politicians ‘decisions

Our fault? Yes, because we didn’t learn after years of war and economical crisis not to believe in politicians but to believe in our country, in Lebanon, in Lebanese, regardless of religion and political affiliation.

So the world didn’t react to our tragedy? Nothing new there. We are a small country ruled by power/money obsessed politicians and powerful neighbors and their masters. We are a dormant population, sore from so many hits and after all, we’ve been bombarded since forever so we should be used to it by now.

The French are new to these horrors so they react accordingly and apps are created to let people vent their frustrations, communicate sympathy and show that they are always united against adversity.

So? What if many Lebanese copied them and changed their FB picture to the colors of the national Flag? Good for us that there are still believers in Lebanon, in the Lebanese flag, in our Unity. So, maybe…maybe, one day the world will start to listen to us and sympathize with our fate.

5 thoughts on “Why didn’t we, Lebanese, react like the French people?

  1. MC

    No simply cause the french people r united “solidaire” which we aren’t and never will be …. They do have economic crisis and daily worries and debts to think about but they just been tought since they are kids to stick together when a disaster fall on them. Not the lebanese people… In the bible there jesus said to martha : martha martha u r preoccupied in so many things and the important thing needed is one…. Just like the lebanese people it just passes them under their noses busy gossiping and “show offing” but where it is important they just aren’t here.
    Thank u

    1. Wafa Jabre Moukahal Post author

      Thank you for your answer. What you say is true but there are Lebanese out there who still believe in Lebanon and who are trying to fight the overwhelming corruption. We need to believe that we can make a difference if we get out of our cynicism and complacency

  2. Abe: the Darjeeling candidate

    Other than stating the obvious, let’s be frank. The only reason why they don’t shy back is because they don’t give a rat’s ass what Muslims, harbingers of spite and destruction, think of it. But no, still lebanese people can’t admit that because after being done with appeasing their oppressors, they have to wonder if they will be pushed to sea or not yet. People need to remove that veil of ignorance an screw in a light bulb, get a clue. Arabs are not just a problem, islam is as well. The world deserves a good pat on the back on top of a very high cliff and while standing very close to the edge because it goes without saying: we’re on a very wild ride, tucker up and kiss your rear ends goodbye. Such a waste we all had heritage, culture and history for we would become history now. What fickle natured is humanity? It does not know that in its good nature, it has spelled its own demise. Of course, some would counter: but not all are bad…
    You have to understand, it is not about islam is, it is about what it can do. I can’t believe how can desert dewelers fabricate a good and potent machine that would eventually destroy mankind? Humanity’s best virtues are being put to extinction. Be passive neutral and die, or become the bringer of ignorance and death to live.

  3. Abe: the Darjeeling candidate

    And just to be clear, I’m not a fanatic, you could pray to the Greek gods for all I care, even recite the whole illiad by heart, I don’t care. Just don’t let ignorance beget more of itself.

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