Covid 19 rules! the new school Master! Study, Sanitize and DON’T PLAY!

Covid 19 rules! the new school Master! - Dinow

The Corona virus has drastically changed our lives. At home, at work, physically and mentally. Families, social life, travel, hobbies, health….. Gloomy, resigned, desperate, fatalistic, robotic, we barely smile or laugh. Not so much fun in our lives nowadays. We consider ourselves very lucky not to be dead or at best in hospital, suffering from Covid 19. We don’t dread cancer, heart diseases, strokes and all the other lethal illnesses…Covid 19 is king. A negative PCR is cause for celebration. Such a dark period for the whole world. On top of sharing the internet and social media, we have in common a raging pandemic.

How about our kids and grandkids?

Not so much joy there either whether they go to school or get e-learning. Masks and sanitizers are part of their school essentials. Even more than books. No recessfor students over 11. Younger ones are allowed outside on one condition:“Social distancing”. Children are developing OCD, paranoia and germaphobia. Fear of sickness or death are overwhelmingly engulfing them just like us.

Human warmth, hugs, kisses and caresses are limited to mothers, fathers and siblings if they live in the same house. Grandparents and other members of extended families are kept at banned thanks to the Corona virus.

E-learning is not that efficient. Kids get bored, follow instructions very poorly and fidget all the time. Parents, especially mothers have to teach them almost everything if the class isn’t broadcasted live. Irritation, frustration, tension and stress are felt by both parents and kids.

Covid 19 reigns and everyone abide by its rules to avoid illness and contamination.

Till when? Soon we hope. When everyone gets a Covid 19 vaccine.

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