Corona virus bad influence on teenagers. Sooooo unfair!

Teenagers response to Covid-19

“Soooo unfair” is recurrent in every conversation whenever we mention Corona virus. Such a bad influence! This new leitmotiv our teenagers love to repeat is voiced any time we don’t go along with their wishes. It’s endless nowadays because of Covid-19. We have to concede though that with regard to this pandemic, our kids and teenagers are bereft of life’s most basic and simple pleasures. 

Consequences? Making our lives hell!

The Corona virus is definitely making our lives hell because of its considerable consequences on our lives and the lives of our families. Parents are at their wits’ end and kids are angry most of the time thanks to words like “Don’t! No! careful! Forbidden! Etc…”. Not only when addressing our children but also our old parents thus making resentment a way of life. 

Resentment at an undesirable, imposed and lethal guest 

A most unwelcome guest! Covid-19 must be the most used word in our century because of it haunts us everywhere. At home, at work, on social media, press…in any conceivable form. It’s a nightmare! Sickness and death have become a vicious part of our kids’ conversations and lives. They fear for themselves, their parents, grandparents, friends…

But how can we cope?

And how can we alter our children’s behavior? No wonder our teenagers are spending most of their time with electronics, their new best friend since meeting girls at school, socializing, paying or simply getting out together aren’t the norm anymore thanks to the raging epidemic. When they hear stories about how their big brothers or sisters used to date they get angry. Even their parents had a better life. Dreams have become a big NO, NO. The electronics’ problem was already there before the epidemic. There is so much you can forbid when you don’t have any other alternatives to offer.


By keeping a positive attitude and trying to create new physical and mental activities. Ceramics, boxing, singing lessons, learning a foreign language, writing stories, creating a home theatre…. 

 Keeping it positive

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