President Krump

Today, I feel like banning the human race from Earth. Temporarily!

I’m fuming! I’m red most of the time, borderline apoplectic… who I am? You got it. I’m Krump. I always have cramps. I gesticulate to hide them. Don’t want to kramp my style. I’m a racist! I don’t give a bug about anyone. I just want to be president in the place of the president. I’m ready to say any Krap to get there. You should be happy you happy people. I’ll make the joy of all humorists, illustrators, cartoonists, talk shows all around the world. No need to pay writers. I’m so easy to read. I brag! I shout! I flaunt my money! I have a Flintstone’s family of my own, a ready made royal family. I’m the finest race of bugs. Does it bug you? I don’t give a bug! I’m a buffoon? So what? At least I make you laugh! You’ll die laughing instead of dying of bombs or boredom. You’re never happy! You make me sick. I have the reddest neck and you’re still bugging me?


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