How many minutes do you stay in front of your closet every single day?!!!!

How many minutes do you stay in front of your closet every single day - DinoW

5? 10? 20? Too much time anyway! You love to hate your CLOSET. If you could, some days, you’d like to grab all your clothes and throw them in the garbage and… not the recycled one! More like the incinerator to make sure nothing is left from them. Don’t you dare tell me to give them to a charity, to needy people blah blah blah… They deserve better believe me! What about the pricey items you would tell me? To THROW before the rest! What a relief if you could get rid of them once and for all. Were they worth their cost? The time you spent looking for them? The non-paid overtime you had to put with to get the money or even worse.
the look on your partner/husband’s face when he saw the price? Yeah! Too much trouble for a piece of fabric you can wear only once or maximum twice! Do you want those snide looks? The ” poor-thing-she- had -to –wear- it –more- than- once”? Not on your life! Too much is too much! You’ve just had it!

WAIT A MINUTE! Help is on the way. I will start a new chapter, which will help you with your current dilemma. Every now and then I will give you some tips and tricks to make the best of your wardrobe, your posture, the way you talk, your verbal and non-verbal communication so you can BEAT THEM ALL! All? Yes! Your colleagues, friends, BFFs, men and women in general… Why? Because I will make you Feel better about yourself, more Confident and mostly…put a smile on your face.

Don’t worry! Men will have their place too. Feeling better about oneself is not the prerogative of women. To care is to share!!!!

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