How do you know if there is an elephant in the room?

How do you know if there is an elephant in the room? - Dinow

If you are with your spouse, wife, partner, family, friend(s), colleagues at work…

• Tense and loaded silence.
• Meaningless chitchat mutate into a passionate trivial discussion.
• Shouting on your kid just because he asked for something.
• Loud noises in the kitchen to vent frustration.
• Excessive or icy politeness
• Loud T.V.
• Suddenly the news or the weather becomes a riveting subject.
• In a meeting, everyone is obsessed with their paper, laptop…
• Picking a fight about the messy house.
• Mother-in-law compliments the wife’s cooking.
• Father-in-law acknowledges the existence of the son-in-law.
• Daughter-in-law asks mom-in-law for her opinion.
• Son-in-law is avoiding eye contact with wife and even attempts to start a conversation with father-in-law.
• In a family reunion everyone is chatting at the same time or not at all.
• The nanny’s latest mishap fascinates even the men in the room.
• Everyone wants discovers the existence of the baby and develops maternal instincts
• The sulking teenager besotted with his mobile or watching T.V. becomes the subject of all attention and recriminations.
• Everybody applauds the recurrent, most boring childhood story.
• Everyone eats in silence at a family dinner and dad doesn’t shout at kids and mumble about the new idiotic parenting ways.

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