21st century’s parenting style: My kid, My Master!

21st century’s parenting style - DinoW

“Talk to the hand!” “Are you kidding me?” “Seriously mom?!!” Can you tell exactly at which moment, age, hour, minute you switched roles? when your kid became the parent and you the child? When their look translated into: “Poor thing! Is she senile? Retarded? Dépassée? Obtuse? Does she do it on purpose to irritate me every second of the day?”

Yes, Zip it from now on! The kid has become the ruler. Why? We let him mutate into a spoiled monster. We spoiled him rotten, covered him with gifts and smothered him with “understanding and drawer psychology”.
Moms have it worst than dads. They have got a louder voice, a scary threatening look when they are bothered but mostly they don’t interfere, keep their peace, become deaf all of a sudden and intervene only when Mom complains.

Moms are only there when we need a crying wall with no reactions! The moment they open their mouth to give an opinion they become THE ENEMY. The more observations they make, the bigger the chasm. What part of only when we need her, “she has to “apparate”(ref. Harry Potter),she doesn’t understand?

Remember well this historical and memorable moment. Once your kid(s) starts treating you as a senile dinosaur, it’s for life. Get used to it and let go of your grief. The status of civilized thinking father or mother has been annihilated until you’re terminally ill or dying.

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