Grannies and Co – My husband my (not anymore) hero

My husband my hero - DinoW

What happened? How did your world change in 9 months and 3 days (the time it took to get back from delivery and hospital)? It was bearable even with her MOM invading his life as well. You even welcomed the presence of this I-Know-It-All-You-Should-Be-At-My-Daughter’s-Beck-and-Call-Every-Single-Day-of-Your-Life-And-Be-Happy-About-It. She seemed to take pity on you and she knew how to handle the “Mommy/Siamese/Baby entity”. Both of you exchanged knowing looks when the Wife/Daughter/Virago was in one of her fits about how to DEAL_WITH_BABY_MY- NEW-HERO.

She thought she’d prepared you and coached you throughout the whole 9 months about how to be the PERFECT FATHER! She admonishes you in a crippling tone in front of her MOTHER of course. She’s not shouting, you can barely hear her because of so much contained anger. Her MOM, your new ally gives you the LOOK! Translated into: Don’t answer if you don’t want to wake up the MONSTER! (Which one? You dare to think in the very, very secret dark place of your mind). You abide by the LOOK.

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