To see or not to see

To see or not to see with eyes - DinoW

One of the knife stabs I talked about earlier will hit you in the eye…. literally. You’ll start holding any written paper farther and farther away from your eyes. At first it’s barely noticeable but at some point you’ll be faced with one hard truth: your darling mobile, the apple of your eye, can’t be held anymore at close distance whenever you need to text or make a call. It’s becoming awkward to read, write or text in front of friends and colleagues. You feel ridiculous and it reminds you of older people who go through those gymnastics every time they are in front of a book or a newspaper. It dawns on you like a slap on the face: You will have to buy one of those ugly eyeglasses for elderlies. Did you just think the world (elderly) in relation to YOURSELF? You’re appalled, shocked, and speechless.

What to do? You’re faced with a cornelian dilemma: To buy or not to buy the horrendous goggles?

If you don’t buy them you’ll make a show of yourself going through the motions of holding anything readable at 1-meter distance.

But if you buy a pair of those binoculars, even the classiest, most stylish and expensive ones, you’re admitting that you’re a mere mortal facing middle age. Your sense of outrage is at its highest. How dare “he” attack you personally? He, being God, the providence and all the holy powers.

One day, you find yourself at an optician shop. Bravely, you ask the saleswoman (youngish of course) for a pair of eyeglasses for (presbyopia). The last word is barely a whisper. Did she hear you? No! You have to repeat the word louder, your dignity shattered. A large choice is offered to you. Has the “Middle- aged” population grown since you checked last? It seems so since you try a pair and….Surprise! They actually look nice on you these goggles. You look quite the intellectual lady. The salesgirl looks at you in wonder: “It makes you look younger” she says. Do they train them to say that? You actually look good. Is it because they hide your eyes wrinkles? Anyway, beggars can’t be choosers. It turns out they are quite expensive the ones you selected. Never mind! It’s the least you can do to yourself to salvage what’s left of your broken ego.

You feel very courageous. You are facing your new enemy: Time. You put on a brave face. You’re up for a challenge and you know you’ll be a fierce warrior.

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