Open Letter to Cancer

Open Letter to Cancer - Dinow

To all forms of cancer, lungs, ovary, breast, bone, skin, leukemia, lymphoma and the likes.

Dear killer, assassin, murderer…..

I am fed up with you! I hate you…we hate you so much. We, as in we, human beings, babies, kids, men, women, old and young, poor and rich. You got our unanimous vote!

You’re way up before serial killers, pedophiles, torturers, and war criminals…. You outwitted them all and became the number 1 enemy of humankind.

You’ll tell me that you’re one of so many other deadly killers so why are you first on our list of “Most Wanted Criminal”?

Because you are a sly, lethal and vindictive killer. All the attributes used by writers, poets and artists to describe “Death”. You don’t discriminate! I’ll give you that. From the fetus to the eldest you choose your prey and smothers it without mercy. You are the impersonation of evil and every mother’s recurring nightmare. Cruel, relentless, wicked, vicious, ghastly, remorseless, vile, atrocious and monstrous, you haunt every part of our subconscious.

Other diseases kill as much but give us a fair warning or kill us brutally. No sadism there! No BRC1 looming in our genes and horizons, no loss of hair and demeaning chemo or radiations eating away our immunity, life essence, sanity and sleep slowly but surely.

You’ll answer that sometimes you give us a break, you even desert our body but…do you ever leave our mind? Can anyone “cured” from YOU ever feel secure? Ever feel that you’re gone for good? NEVER! And for good reason! You trick us into believing that we can finally some peace of mind then…a few months later, a few years later, on the sly again, like a Zombie, you insinuate yourself in our cells, eating away every healthy one of them, relishing your slow and deadly invasion, your blood thirsty quest for destruction until you succeed in wrenching us from our loved ones to offer us, defeated wrecks, to our most dreadful enemy, your alter ego DEATH.

Yes we are fed up! We’ve put up with you for years, for centuries and the most illustrious warriors or doctors and researchers have fought with you ruthlessly and diligently but you’re always here, lurking in the shadows, on the lookout for an innocent prey to snatch, devour and slaughter.

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