Grannies and Co – Women and Men, Daddies versus Mommies

grannies and co - DinoW

Fathers are not hit in the same way. They are happy…or not; they know it’s life changing but do they know what it entitles? Not a chance! The revelation will start when the baby is born and they are left alone with mother and child. When they have to wake up, change diapers, deal with this new being called mom who has become so fully immersed with her baby she forgets most of the time her partner in “crime”. The father only comes to life when his wife needs something related to the Baby. This pink angel who can become in seconds a shrieking monster. So strident that he turns blue in seconds. He’s awed, fascinated yet a bit repulsed by this new phenomenon. He never knew a baby could be so loud!!!!!! He hides his feelings and tries so hard to act as the DAD his wife expects him to be. If he dares complain, then it’s his partner’s turn to mutate into a monster. She looks at him with so much disappointment in her expression. He sees it in her eyes! He’s an unfeeling heartless brat who doesn’t deserve to have such a beautiful angelic baby! Angelic??????? Yeah right!

This new tiny most- of- the- time- crying- barely- a- few- days old baby has invaded all his space, vital or not! He can do no wrong in his mother’s eyes! Wasn’t he once in this position???

Deal with it! It will be sometime before you recover some semblance of what you used to be. As for your pedestal, have a good cry! It’s gone for good.

The sexy, beautiful loving woman you once knew who had joined her fate with you has started the metamorphosis the moment she learned she was pregnant.

You have welcomed her new curves, coped with her mood swings, watched in fascination how she seemed to prefer the company of her MOM to yours but never in your wildest dreams did you imagine this new scenario where you take on a second role, second-everything for that matter.

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