Don’t you dare! I’m officially a dinoW

Older woman -Don’t you dare! I’m officially a dinoW

You wake up the next morning with a feeling of malaise then, bitter memories of yesterday’s events at both shops hit you again. Frustration and anger overwhelm you and a rush of adrenalin washes over your body. You’re going through the stages of loss and grief:


You! An older woman? A middddddlllle aged woman?!!!! What’s wrong with the universe? Can’t anyone see how youthful you look? You’re wearing all the time your daughter’s clothes! Everyone takes you for sisters!

And this salesgirl had the nerve to show you an outfit for “older women”? More your mom’s kind of clothes than yours….!!!!

Fine! You’ll show them! You open your bags and try the “appropriate” clothes you bought yesterday.

Not bad at all!!!!! A bit tight… but you’ll swallow your belly all the time. A few poses in front of the mirror and you’re ready to face the world. First the family!

It’s Sunday so everyone is in the living room. With a very confident stance and a challenging expression on your face you make an entrance worthy of a queen and stand in the middle of the room looking at your daughters and husband, daring them to say one word!

Do you see a smirk on your eldest daughter’s face? Surely not! She’s your best supporter! You turn to your husband. Usually he shakes his head approving or gives you the look which translates in ”Whatever” but today you detect a new expression on your darling hubby’s face? Surprise? Weariness? Fatalism? You certainly don’t see admiration or even “Whatever”.

You storm out of the room, your head high, declaring to no one in particular that you’re spending the day with your best friend Clara. No need for anyone (your new estranged family ) to get in touch with you all day and.. May be the night too.

Even if Clara is not your best friend, at least she’s a fashion freak and would appreciate highly your trendy outfit.

10 thoughts on “Don’t you dare! I’m officially a dinoW

  1. Martha Cross

    This feeling creeps on you, day after day as you grow old, and I think you start to get hints when men stop turning around in the street when you are passing by (you think you are too fast…), also when people start calling you madam instead of miss and when you get zero whisle from workmen on sites. This is when you start to feel queasy. The teenage salesgirl is the chocolate topping over the bitter dessert you are having and then you are sure that the world has not gone blind, but you have grown old

    1. Wafa Jabre Moukahal Post author

      So true. We are the blind ones. We look in our mirror and still see ourselves in our twenties but it fades gradually and we learn to accept.

  2. Dijana

    Fantastic blog and such witty, funny writing style! I am enjoying it so much!
    p. s. You are not a Dino 😉 I know people that are younger than me (31) who have “dino’s mindset”, but from your one sentence it’s obvious you’re not one of them 🙂

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