The Coffee shop syndrome: The Good, The Bad & The Ugly/ Coffee addicts, Show-off slouches, or Advertising mob?

 The Coffee shop syndrome - DinoW

Meet the couch potatoes who slouch back on comfortable seats knowing they’ll be there for hours. From the way they ask for their beverage in a bored I’m- your- everyday- customer- you- should- know- me- by- now to the panoramic eyeful they give to every potential spectator to their loud monochrome conversation you reach the conclusion that you’ve guessed right: Starbucks’ psycho- socio- parasito- path addicts.

What about the advertising sect?
They come in herds. Loud, busy, each one of them clutching 3 to 4 mobiles, a laptop…Some in fancy, trendy suits (client servicing) others in over -the- top extremely loose, or impossibly tight, body- hugging clothes in black or brazen colors (creative). They call the waiter by name, look at the lesser-than-mortals “beings” around them with vapid eyes.
In a single minute they secure a place for almost everyone. The rest will sit on the floor (creative), or hang on every corner of the couches, laughing, talking in high-pitched tones with complete disregard to the non-entities revolving around them. They OWN every parcel of the world they set their foot on. You are either IN or OUT of theirs.

The remaining few mortals are the true coffee addicts, jealously nursing their coffee, feeding on it and completely lost to their surroundings, focused religiously on drinking that first sip as if their lives depended on it. Their forlorn gaze translates into” The world is fine as long as I can have my first coffee. I won’t join the human race until I’m done”.

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