Middle age and Menopause (The HORMONES dilemma)

The Hormones dilemma - DinoW

Let’s face it, we’ve been hearing about menopause forever but we didn’t start reading seriously about it before we reached 40. We get the general idea but we don’t bother with details. Between 40 and 45, we become more interested in the subject and start digging for more info about what our moms, aunts and mom’s friends have been going through and complaining about for so long.

“Hormones” seems to be the key word in the menopause process and the resultant decline in the body’s natural production of estrogen. From 45 to 55-age span, hormones will start decreasing and the mood swings will increase.

The time will come when we will be confronted with the cornelian choice of“ Having hormone replacement or not”.

Studies have shown that hormones’ replacement rime with higher risks of getting cancer. Scary dilemma! Who would choose this option? The majority of women nowadays prefer to abstain but are left with a “bouquet” of health hazards: high blood pressure, heart disease, osteoporosis … etc.

Enchanting! Let’s bury the carefree days of our twenties and thirties and take a leap into the “dark ages”, dark as in abyss. New challenges loom in our horizons. Our opponents are from a major league: Depression, menopause symptoms ad vitam eternam, health scares, family, society, work but mostly our own mortality….Such a heavy load! Yet….

We are survivors. Once again we’ll fight and…win! “You’ll simply have to pay attention to what you eat, do regular exercise, lead a healthier lifestyle and…. go slow on the food binges!” says your darling male doctor with a fat, big, smug smile, ever so happy he’ll never have to face that dilemma. And if it is a woman doctor? She’ll be more understanding, and will try to be matter of fact to avoid any possible whining from your part.

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