Love at first sight between Kids & mobiles/devices

Love at first sight between Kids & mobiles - Dinow

Way before they get their own mobiles or devices, kids are awestruck, lost for words, filled with wonder whenever they get near a mobile or an ipad…The first moment we put it in front of their eyes, we lose them…for life!!! The “fatal attraction” occurred; we will have to deal with it. No vaccine and no cure will ever reverse the effect.

Don’t we feel beyond irritated with our kids and teenagers every time we try to talk to them or to strike a conversation only to be met by ….nothing? They don’t dignify us with an answer let alone a single look? “talk to the hand!” reflects their body language. They can’t hear us. We are outside of their zone of perception. We have to threaten, shout on them or bodily wrench their device from their hands to get their half-hearted, reluctant/angry attention. Their fault? Not at all! We’re so proud of our little miracle babies. Smart, fast and proficient with any device they are the embodiment of genius for us parents or grand parents. We boast about their prowess to whoever happens to be with us. We let them use it for hours and show them off at any occasion! Check our little Einstein! Isn’t he a genius? Our eyes are full of wonder and pride. The thing about these devices is that they are so convenient in our very busy lives;The best solution to have a bit of peace at home, in the car or on a plane.

We notice, too late, that devices have taken possession of our children’s minds and bodies and produced couch potatoes and a new “borderline autistic- tantrum-tempered, self-centered…” generation with food disorders and asocial behavior. We have to “force” them to play in the park, the garden or with regular toys. They keep begging us to allow them to use their devices whenever they are done with their chores or homework. It has become the ultimate gift, the one that fills their world with contentment and joy but steals them from their parents, family, society and true friendship. We are helping creating pariahs and very, very lonely human beings.

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