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DinoW is a 40 something lady, give or take a few months or more….. she is perceived by her kids, partner, family, society and everyone breathing the same air as her as belonging to some God forsaken specie, the dinosaurs, because she belongs to the Middle age, Third age or End age era….You choose.


Why DinoW?

DinoWDino stands for Dinosaur, and the W reminds us that we’re still considered as “women”.

You will see 2 sides of our main character depending on how she’s perceived by her entourage. Is she a Dinosaur(ess) or a Woman ? Depending on the situation, she’ll morph into one. Alter ego? Double personality? We’ll discover together her many facets.

What do dinosaurs have in common with women above 40 ?

Well! Everything.
Lets make a test to check if you belong to this specie:

Do you get the impression every time you walk into a youngish pub that every teenager is eying you or your bunch of friends with blatant derision? Do you feel immediately insecure thinking: Is it my clothes? Make up? Too short? Too much? Age group? (My husband/partner assured me I looked barely 30).

Did you happen to ask your teenage kid about ”God forbid” anything related to technology? Did he give you the Look? Did you feel ignorant, inadequate and started stuttering and apologizing before he has even answered?

Ok let’s try something more simple and mundane: you’re humming or singing and… you’re dancing in front of your TV to the tunes of the latest song in vogue, let’s admit it, one of your kid’s songs. Suddenly your kid bursts in the room, in a state of alarm and gives you….. The Look? Translate into ”poor mom! Why doesn’t she try acting more her age!”

Remember last time your kid was preparing to go out (date, pub, partee….) and…. You know you’re asking for trouble but you give him/her your opinion (good or bad, whichever…After all you’re the Mom!!) Do you feel like you’ll be eaten alive? THE Look is hugely significant: “Are you kidding me? Seriously?!! You’re not even dignified with an answer because Your Kid is in a state of shock that you DARED! The wave is overwhelming: You grow old by the second and feel like you’re at least a thousand.

If your answer is yes to all these questions then…you’re a dinoW

Don’t despair! Dinosaurs have a few qualities:

Dinos, no matter how old, don’t show wrinkles (unlike elephants!!!! Elephants are fat and show their age)

Dinos are threatening even when they are harmless. Our dearest spouses and partners would appreciate the similarities.

Dinos congregate in herds for defense. Just like us and our BFFs (Best Friends For Ever …Ignoramus)

Dinos crests and frills were likely used for sexual or aggressive displays …at least some of them. Ring a bell?

And last but not least, if you have a dinoW in a room you can’t just dismiss “her”.

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